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Stain Protection

Stain protection for carpets, rugs, and upholstery, FiberSeal is more than a 'Spray and forget product'. It is a total fabric care system with professional back-up services to maintain fabrics and carpeting in both residential and commercial markets…

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Deep Cleaning

Carpet, rug, upholstery, curtain, and leather cleaning using the latest truck-mount technology, our fleet of high performance truck-mount carpet cleaning…

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Stain removal service

Spills & spots happen! And you don’t have to worry if you know how to clean them correctly and have the correct products at home…

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Specialty anti-allergy cleaning

Along with our partner, Mitex Allergy, we and pleased to be able to offer our customers a full Specialty anti-allergy cleaning service…

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Rug cleaning centre

All Rug types accepted - Silk, Viscous, Handmade, Persian, Chinese, Oriental, Modern... if Required, we offer a nationwide collection and delivery service…

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uniformed professional technicians

On-time friendly uniformed professional technicians. We pride ourselves on having a highly trained, professional and well presented uniformed technicians…

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Dedicated customer service team

We constantly strive to give our customers the best service and our team go above and beyond to

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Car Care

Pigment coated leather (as in most cars) needs to be kept clean. It is dirt and body oils together with abrasion that break down the pigment coating and then will begin to deteriorate the leather itself so it is crucial to stop this from happening…

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Restoration Service

Among the services we offer, we can offer a restoration cleaning service for delicate heritage carpets and rugs as well as interior restoration of smoke and flood damaged carpets and fabrics.

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Fiberseal Stain Protection

FiberSeal Stain Protection is more than a 'Spray and forget product'. It is a total Interior Care system with Professional Back-Up services to maintain fabrics and carpets & furnishing in commercial market. Our Stain Protection System Creates an invisible shield around the fibres that repels oil & water based spills and keeps dirt from sticking to the fibres, making it easier to remove and wipe away spills & stains.

Fiberseal Protects...Carpet & Upholstery - fabric or leather ...
against everyday...Spills and stains from...
Red Wine / Drinks, Food Stains, Chewing Gum,
Tea / Coffee, Surface Soiling, Oil & Tar.

Ultimate Deep Clean

Cleaning Method

Using the latest truck-mount technology, our fleet of high performance truck-mount carpet cleaning machines can clean the dirtiest of carpets to refresh and restore that new look...

THE HOT WATER EXTRACTION SYSTEM(HWE) is one of the main processes recommended by major carpet manufacturers. They recognize it as having the best capability for cleaning and the fastest drying time. Fiber-Seal use the latest HWE Truck Mounted 'Mobile' Unit. This equipment is safe, quiet, reliable and has enough power to deep clean the heaviest soil from any wool or synthetic carpet.

OTHER CLEANING METHODS we use are HOST DRY POWDER, DRY FOAM, AND BONNET SURFACE CLEANING. Our various cleaning methods allow us to use the most suitable method for the type of carpet and soiling. CARPET MANUFACTURERS DO NOT RECOMMEND BONNET CLEANING FOR CERTAIN WOOL CARPETS.