Tips To Remove Pet Stains

Pet stains such as urine can be damaging to carpets. As the urine comes in contact with the carpet it causes the dyes in the carpet to change color. The discoloration is often permanent. Immediate action may help but yellowing may still occur. This stain cannot be reversed.

In the event of a pet stain please follow the following procedure to help minimize the stain.

  1. Using paper towels absorb as much liquid as possible.
  2. Always blot rather than rub or wipe.
  3. Remove all dirt and debris.
  4. Use Pet Go on the area.
  5. Apply the product liberally to the area and blot.
  6. By standing on the toweling to add pressure more residue will be absorbed.
  7. Blot area with damp cloth.
  8. Allow area to dry thoroughly.

Our special Pet Go product was made to help you to reduce the damage caused by pet stains. It soaks up liquids and allow cleaning up and eliminating most of the smell.

If you do not have success removing on your own, you can also book an appointment with us for a professional spot removal.

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