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Stain Removal

Spills & spots happen! And you don’t have to worry if you know how to clean them correctly and have the correct products at home. 

Your best chance at removing stains is when they are new. Older stains are much harder to remove.
Make sure you remove as much of spill or soil as possible before using any product. 
Always apply the spot remover to a cloth, not directly onto the stain. 
Use small quantities at a time, and repeat, instead of a large amount at once.
Work from the edge of the stain towards the middle to avoid spreading it
Always blot, do not rub

Some stains cannot be completely removed, especially if they include dye or acid, if you have any concerns or questions please call us at 01 280 2799.

What products do Fiberseal offer for stains? Email us at cs@fiberseal.ie for a product guide and manual.

Complete Product Range

We also offer additional products for stone floors, windows, and more. See all our products on our shop or give us a call (01 280 2799).