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Speciality anti-allergy cleaning

Along with our partner, Mitex Allergy, we are pleased to be able to offer our customers a full Speciality anti-allergy cleaning service. Our process removes the allergen from the carpet and fabric and we can offer a treatment to stop the reappearance of dust mites and their allergens for 12 months


Do we use pesticides?

Our process uses No Harmful Pesticides, we use special enzymes to break down the proteins in the dust mite allergen rendering them harmless and high temperature water to kill off the dust mite.

What should I expect after the treatment is done?

An allergen free room! We recommend you also use Mitex Allergy anti-allergy bedding for as allergen and dust mite free home as possible.

How long does the anti allergy treatment last?

We recommend the areas are re-cleaned and re-treated every 12 months