Rug Cleaning Service

When It Comes To Area Rugs, Don't Settle For Anything
Less Than A Professional Rug Cleaning Service.

The Fiberseal Area Rug Cleaning is a specialist service we provide for all types of Area Rugs.

Oriental and area rugs are a beautiful addition to any home interior. Like a well placed fine painting or wall decor, they complete the furnishing and overall character of a well-decorated room.

However, area rugs usually receive a fair amount of traffic. Similar to upholstered furniture or carpets, area rugs act as air filters for the home, trapping bacteria, allergens and dirt. So it is important to keep your rugs clean regularly in order to avoid health issues and keep them looking beautiful.

We provide our clients rug cleaning and repair service with a commitment to the very best customer service along with affordable prices. We do not just clean your rugs, but we wash them thoroughly in our plant, using the most advanced equipment and the safest detergents.

We can clean almost all sizes and types of rugs, leaving them clean, fresh and bright. Our gentle yet effective drying and cleaning process preserves the dye within your rugs, keeping the colors fresh.

No matter how small or large rug you have, we will clean it with perfection and dedication leaving you no less than satisfied.

Leave Your Rug In Our Capable Hands

Here at Fiberseal Rug Cleaning services, we understand just how important a rug is to its owner, which is why we offer quality care, in the form of a comprehensive cleaning service.

From the moment we collect your special piece from your doorstep, or when you drop it off, to the moment we deliver it back to you, we promise that it will be in good hands.

We follow an all-inclusive procedure, consisting of several steps, all designed to have your rug looking good as new in no time at all. See our process below:

  • Firstly your rug will be taken to our factory where it will be inspected carefully for stains, spots and any other pre-existing damage.
  • We will thoroughly vacuum the rug, so as to remove as much loose soil and as many dust particles as possible.
  • We will then wash and rinse the rug carefully, using environmentally-friendly, non-toxic cleaning and enzyme cleaning solutions, which are gentle on your rug but uncompromisingly tough on dirt.
  • Afterwards, we will remove all excess moisture from your rug, using dehumidifying techniques, before drying it in a warm, climate-controlled room.
  • The rug will then have its fringes combed and pile groomed, before a final inspection. It will then be delivered back to you, free of charge.


    Rug Cleaning Services

    All Types Of Rugs Cleaned And Cared For.

    Repair & Restoration

    Reviving Your Rug To Pristine Condition.

    Regular Rug Maintenance

    Regular Care And Attention To Extend Your Rugs Life.

    Our Service Will Make Even The ``MOST LOVED``
    Rugs Find Their Colour And Freshness Again!

    Meeting Your Rug Cleaning Needs Every Single Time!

    If you are looking for the best Rug Cleaning Service that you can trust and depend on, look no further than Fiberseal Rug Cleaning Services. We won’t just meet your needs – we will exceed them every time!

    Prolong the life of your rugs, enhance your space, remove any unwanted stains and create a healthy and clean environment – contact us at Fiberseal Services today and find out exactly how we can make your rug pristine clean, the way you deserve!

    Ready To Let Us Get Your Rug Looking Pristine Clean?

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