Fiberseal Stain Protection

Maximum Protection For Your Fabrics And Textiles

Buying a Sofa or Suite or carpeting is a significant amount of money and an investment that is expected to last and keep in good condition. This really can only be achieved if the fabric and textiles they are made from are kept clean and protected.

We know how important it is for you to enjoy that feeling of stepping on freshly cleaned carpets or floors or laying on your most comfortable sofa and enjoying its comfort every time.

However, accidents, spills, stains, wear, and tear happens. And when it does it can take away that fresh and clean feeling from your fabrics. Worse, it can cause real damage. And that’s where Fiberseal comes in!

What Is Fiberseal And What Does Fiberseal Do?

Essentially Fiberseal Does 3 Main Things:

  • First the Magic! It allows minor spills to bead on top of the fabric like mercury, we call this the bond Fiberseal creates on the fabric causing the liquid to bead on its surface tension (it's not really magic).
  • Second, it gives you the ability to maintain your carpets and fabrics by using our aftercare products
  • And finally, it gives us the ability to maintain it for you. If you do get a difficult stain or spill that is too much for you to cope with we will be far more likely to be able to remove it for you if the carpet or furniture has been Fibersealed.

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    What Fiberseal Does NOT Do?

    It does not change the look, colour, texture or feel of your fabrics. For example, the only way you could tell the difference between a chair that was Fibersealed beside one that was not would be to spill liquid on the seat.

    If it has been sealed most of it will bead and roll off were on the unsealed chair, there will be a wet mark immediately. See the video below for Fiberseal in action.

    Make fabrics waterproof, it does make them water-resistant but you still need to follow best practice and get to stains and spills as soon as possible and do not use home remedies or water to remove them.

    Help against Dye content stains, ie. Dye transfer from new indigo jeans, fake tan and some children’s drinks with high dye content.

    Additional Benefits Of Fiberseal

    A very important and often overlooked benefit of Fiberseal protection is is in the protection from dirt. Dirt is an abrasive. If you look at your carpet or furniture fibers under a microscope you will notice that any dirt lodged into the fibers is not very smooth and round.

    You will notice that dirt looks like tiny razorblades that tear into your fabrics. On a carpet ever step that you take digs the dirt deeper into the carpet, or on a sofa every time you sit down it will further damaging the look and quality.

    Stain Protection

    Protect your furniture, carpets, curtains and all your textiles and fabrics from those spills and stains.

    Efficient Application System

    We use our proprietary application system to protect from spills and stains.

    Our Fiberseal Service Include

    Application of Fiber Seal Stain Protection, which is suitable for all types of carpets and fabrics and does not affect colour or texture. It is also Woolsafe approved for use on wool carpet.

    Dry in 3 hours and applied without disruption at a scheduled time that is suitable.

    The technology behind Fiber-Seal Stain Protection allows on-going stain removal and cleaning without removing the product.

    Supply the Fiber Seal Stain Removal Kit (this is not free of charge) to remove dried-in spots and spills. That may happen any some stage after the main Fiberseal application process is complete.

    These products are very easy to use and are especially effective when used in the course of daily cleaning to remove spots and spills. Wipe away spots such as Food & Drink, Wine, Oil, Tar, Shoe Polish, Muddy & Oily Foot marks, Newsprint and Hand Marks etc.

    These home kits are very effective in lengthening the effectiveness of your stain protection.

    We provide a freephone Helpline for any question you might have related to stain removal or advice.

    Protect Your Investment From Stains And Spills

    Fiberseal provides a professional stain protection and full-service textile sealing system that will keep your investment protected from stains and spills. The benefits of using the Fiberseal stain protection system is that we can deliver a non toxic, non allergenic fabric protection formula for long term stain and wear and tear protection.

    An application of the Fiberseal stain protection provides longterm protection to all fabrics, wool, carpet, rug, leather and suede. And as well as protect from stains and spills will greatly increases the life of all natural and synthetic fabrics.

    Using The Fiberseal Stain Protection System Acts Like A Barrier For Your Fabrics And Textiles And Will:

    • Form an invisible shield which will resist staining by wine, soft drinks, oils and grease.
    • Provide a water repellant coating.
    • Prevent soils or stains from adhering to the carpet fibers.
    • Prevent dyes from sticking to dye sites, especially on nylon carpeting.

    Our service is available for residential, commercial, automotive and any area where you want to protect your fabrics and textiles from stains, spills and wear and tear.

    In most environments upholstery fabric or leather faces a large amount of wear and tear particularly if there are children or pets.

    To keep it looking good and prolonging the life of any furniture, then Fiberseal Stain Protection system will help to protect your investment.

    Ready To Learn More About Our Fiberseal System?

    If you would like to book in, or you just have questions and would like to discuss further. Then contact us today and our friendly and professional team will be happy to speak to you.