Seal Your Sofa: Help the Planet

On average, a sofa lasts seven to fifteen years. Often, when it does come to replacing a sofa, it is because the upholstery has gotten damaged or stained.

Because of diversity of materials, sofas are one of the most difficult items of furniture to recycle. This means that when a sofa starts to look a little dingy, it is likely destined for the landfill. The volume of furniture waste being produced has risen astronomically over the last twenty years as furniture is marketed as a disposable fashion piece, rather than a staple of your sitting room.

At Fiberseal, we are committed to lessening our environmental impact and yours. We know that a well-made, well cared for sofa can be a long term feature of your home.By treating your furniture with Fiberseal, you are giving it the best chance to last, saving you money and helping the planet.

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