Hygenic Deep Cleaning
Cleaning Method
Using the latest truck-mount technology, our fleet of high performance truck-mount carpet cleaning machines can clean the dirtiest of carpets to refresh and restore that new look...

THE HOT WATER EXTRACTION SYSTEM (HWE) is one of the main processes recommended by major carpet manufacturers. They recognise it as having the best capability for cleaning and the fastest drying time. Fiberseal use the latest HWE Truck Mounted 'Mobile' Unit. This equipment is safe, quiet, reliable and has enough power to deep clean the heaviest soil from any wool or synthetic carpet.

Other cleaning methods we use are HOST DRY POWDER, DRY FOAM, AND BONNET SURFACE CLEANING. Our various cleaning methods allow us to use the most suitable method for the type of carpet and soiling.

Truck mounted machines

Our fleet of truck machines are the most up to date sophisticated and powerful machines being used in Ireland.
  • Carpets and fabrics pre-inspected and then vacuumed by the technician
  • ​A special solution pre-spray to break down grease is applied to the fabric or carpet
  • ​The cleaning processes continues with the correct solution tailored to the specific type of fabric/fibers to be cleaned
  • ​Hot water extraction follows, our high powered vacuums leave the fabric and carpet with as little moisture as possible reducing drying times
  • ​Any remaining spots/stains that can be removed are with the technicians professional spotting kit.
Carpet Care
Entrance Mats
By including a mat at all outside entrances to the house, homeowners significantly reduce the rate at which carpet soils. The mat allows all street dirt to be removed from shoes. 
Occasionally tufts may appear above the surface of the carpet. Do NOT pull them out, but cut them level with the surrounding tufts with small scissors.
Colour Change
If a carpet changes colour over time, it is often due to pile flattening, gradual soiling, or slight fading of the dyes in the fibres. Usually a professional cleaning helps restore the carpet’s appearance.
Fibre Loss
New carpets can lose fibre during the first few weeks, which is caused shedding or fluffing. This is normal and will stop eventually. Just vacuum the carpet a little more gently for the first few weeks.
Protective Treatments
Stain protection reduces problems with soiling and staining because most stains and soil can be easily wiped up or cleaned from the carpet. It doesn’t prevent all soiling but it helps extend the life of the carpet. Regular maintenance of the carpet is still required.