Stain Protection
FiberSeal is more than a 'Spray and forget product'. It is a total fabric care system with professional back-up services to maintain fabrics and carpeting in both residential and commercial markets.
 The chemical properties of FiberSeal enable it to bond with individual fibres, protecting them against soil and stain penetration without altering the colour, texture or flame retardancy of the fabric. It also 'lubricates' those fibres, significantly reducing wear and therefore prolonging their life span. This is a particularly important point to the cost-conscious buyer or specifier.
 Once the FiberSeal has bonded fully it will have greatly reduced the absorbency of the fabric making it possible in many cases to blot out spills without recourse to cleaning agents, thus keeping the fabrics clean and new looking.
What are the benefit of protecting your fabrics and carpets with Fiberseal?
  • Extend the life of your fabrics
  • ​Maintain that new & fresh feel for longer 
  • ​Remove most stains with ease
  • ​Use our After Care Kit to damp dust fabric, greatly extending the time between deep cleans
  • ​Avoid permanent damage to fabrics by more serious stains (pet stains, blood, tea, coffee, etc.)
Once the product has been applied to the fabric it will penetrate evenly into the fabric and be absorbed by every fibre. Following the law that no two bodies can occupy the same space, it can be seen that the ability of the fibres to absorb any unwanted substances has been greatly reduced.

 Although the drying time is approximately 3 hours it may take up to 3 days for the bonding process to be completed.

When professionally applied to soft floor coverings and interior fabric furnishings, the protective seal creates reduced absorbency, easier removal of foreign substances, and improved resistance to yarn loss from abrasion.

Compatible with all natural or man-made fibres and all constructions finishes and end-use employment, subject to precautions relating to colour fastness and other special conditions.

FiberSeal is suitable for new or existing installations. (Nominal soiling does not require pre-cleaning before application). Pre-checking for colour fastness of fabric or susceptibility of finish to adjacent hard surface areas is a standard procedure. As a non-chlorinated formulation there is seldom a need for masking.