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Car Care

Some leathers have very little surface coating and are very porous (to moisture and oils) but in these cases we would be trying to prevent the absorption of oils into the leather as they can cause an imbalance which would then have to be rectified. Body oils can also cause many problems with leather of this type leaving unsightly patches which are expensive to fix.

What can we do for Car Interiors?

  • Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

  • Carpet & Mat Cleaning

  • Leather Stain Protection

What if my leather is damaged?

  • Leather Seat Bolster Touch-up

  • Re-colouring available where necessary

  • Crack repair

Pigment coated leather (as in most cars) needs to be kept clean. It is dirt and body oils together with abrasion that break down the pigment coating and then will begin to deteriorate the leather itself so it is crucial to stop this from happening – this can be done with protectors and regular cleaning. If oils are used on pigment coated leather (these have a layer of pigment – paint- and a clear coat finish) they cannot be absorbed into the leather the same way that moisture can and so sit on the surface and will only serve to attract more dirt so having a detrimental affect.